Meet Our Chapter!

Grace Andrews - Junior

Treasure & Philanthropy

Big: Courtney Peper Little: Greta Lampe and Autumn Manni Family: Teddy Fun Fact: I have danced for 8 years. Why I love Sigma: I love all the amazing girls!

Jade Costello - Junior

Honor Council Chairwomen and Family Day Chair

Big: Reagan McCurnin Little: Sara Reed Family: Teddy Fun Fact: I had a kidney transplant Why I love Sigma: The girls were so welcoming, the philanthropy touched home because my brother was a premie, and I really connected with the girls

Lucy Delorme

PHC Delegate

  • Past Positions: Jr. PHC Delegate, Honor Council Secretary, Philanthropy Chair, Social Chair
  • Grade: Senior
  • Major: Food Science Technology with a minor in International Relations
  • Fam: Teddy
  • Big: Morgan Kingsley
  • Little: Kira Reichert
  • What She Loves About Sigma: How much she has been able to grow as a person throughout her time in the chapter!

Molly Knopik - Junior

Web Goddess chair and PR Assistant Chair

Big: Sofia Melendez Family: Teddy Bear Fun Fact: I am 5'9 Why I love Sigma: Sigma has given me lifelong friendships with my incredibly supportive Sigma sisters!

Kayla Polanco - Junior

Education Director, Alumni Relations Chair, & RSO/Diversity Chair

Big: Delia Stoekel Family: Teddy Bear Fam Fun Fact: I am classically trained to sing opera! Why I love Sigma: It's become my home away from home!

Sarah Reed - Junior


Big: Jade Costello Family: Teddy Fun Fact: I have a twin sister Why I love Sigma: I love sigma because of the connections I have made with the girls!

Betsy Staiger

Vice President of Harm Reduction and Web Goddess

  • Past Positions: Jr. PHC Delegate, Merch Chair, Parliamentarian
  • Grade: Senior
  • Major: Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice
  • Fam: Lion
  • Big: Samantha Delain
  • Little: Rebecca Ramsey
  • What She Loves About Sigma: How it has pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped her grow as a person!

Cordelia Stoeckel - Junior

Formal Chair

Big: Cailey Ruble Little: Kayla Polanco Family: Teddy Bear Fun Fact: I am Left handed Why I love Sigma: I love sigma because it's a great group of girls that you can always count on!

Lexi Thomas - Junior

Vice President of Operations

Big: Emilie Staeffler Family: Koala Major: Special Education Why I love Sigma: Everyone was so kind and genuine, it made me feel so welcomed

Rachel Wall - Junior

Conduct Review

Big: Reagan McCurnin Family: Teddy Fun Fact: My favorite movie currently is Puss in Boots! Why I love Sigma: I wanted a community, and everyone I have met in Sigma is kind and welcoming.

Autumn Manni - Sophomore


Big: Grace Andrews Little: Sofia Melendez G-Little: Molly Knopik Family: Teddy Major: Finance Fun Fact: I am obsessed with wiener dogs Why I love Sigma: All of the girls are so fun and welcoming

Sofia Melendez - Junior

VP of New Member Education and Lipsync Chair

Big: Autumn Manni Little: Molly Knopik Fam: Teddy Bear Fam Major: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement minor Fun fact: I would die for Chic-Fil-A Arnold Palmers Why I love sigma: I love sigma because it has connected me with so many great girls who really treat me like a sister.

Greta Lampe - Sophomore

Membership Recruitment Director

Big: Grace Andrews Little: Emma Riebel and Riley Gaulrapp Family: Teddy Major: Psychology Positions held: Web Goddess Fun Fact: I'm really good at thumb wrestling Why I love Sigma: I love Sigma because all of the girls are so welcoming and it feels like home!

Bella Rollins - Sophomore

PHC VP of PR and Marketing and Social Media Chair

Big: Lisbeth Magdaleno-Garcia Family: Dolphin Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Fun fact: I am on a song on Soundcloud Why I love Sigma: I love Sigma because I feel a part of a good cause. All of the girls were so caring and made me feel like I fit in right away. My favorite part about greek life: I love meeting all of the new people! Getting to know everyone’s different personalities is so rewarding and I am pumped to meet more:)

Anne O'Hara - Sophomore


Big: Julia Player Family: Koala Fun Fact: I'm on the national curling team! Why I love Sigma: Big/little reveal!

Peyton Heinsohn

DEI Chair and Jr. PHC Delegate

  • Past Positions: Merch Chair
  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Major: Dental Hygiene
  • What She Loves About Sigma: Its her home away from home!
  • Fam: Koala
  • Big: Anne O'Hara

Rebecca Ramsey


Big: Betsy Staiger Little: Family: Lion Major: Nursing Year in Sigma: First Positions held: Fun Fact: I love to boulder Why I love Sigma: The connections between the girls. Favorite part about greek life: How close everyone is

Riley Gaulrapp - Freshman

Ritual Chair, Honor Council Goals Chair, & New Member Leader

Big: Greta Lampe Family: Teddy Major: Nursing Fun Fact: I played hockey for 13 years Why I love Sigma: The girls are my best friends!

Shae Peterson - Freshman


Big: Maddie Tubbs Little: Family: Moose Fam Fun Fact: I am a published poet/author. Why I love Sigma: There is constantly an amazing support system filled with wonderful people always willing to help.

Alyssa Mccullough - Freshman

Sisterhood chair and PHC VP of Philanthropy and Community Service

Big: Julia Player Fam: Koala Fun Fact: I'm from Wisconsin!

Kaitlyn Pintz- Freshman

Health and Wellness Chair

Big: Emma Riebel Fam: Teddy Bear

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